Monday, December 15, 2008

A Special Tribute

We're a proud aunt and uncle again as of December 9 at 9:30am. Brooke Elyse was born in Holland Hospital four days early. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted an episode of Dancing With The Stars with our nephew, Brooke's older brother, Grant.
Grant showed great versatility in his dancing repertoire throughout the evening, cutting a rug like no 2-year old ever has before. Kathi and Grant kicked off the evening dancing a waltz to the song, "Splish Splash I was Takin' a Bath." Grant showed off his dance s-gills while Kathi showed that she is a dance a-fish-ionado by flutter-kicking all across the dance floor. The judges marked Grant down for having a "water-log," but other than that, it was a whale of a performance.

In the night cap, Chad and Grant danced a memorable waltz to the tune of "Lady in Red." They looked better than Lance Bass.