Saturday, July 23, 2011

This is how she rolls...

Brielle did not fit in the Bumbo when she was 3 months old due to very large thighs (very large might actually be an understatement...enourmous thighs!), but she is taking full advantage at age 2! (Once again...this is due to the "mine" attitude of not wanting Bryce to have anything!)

This was Brielle's choice of attire for an evening walk with Dad. Considering we live in Altoona, no one we passed found this odd.

We didn't know such joy could be found out of breast pump supplies. Brielle likes to sing into them like a microphone all the time! Hey whatever keeps the girl happy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Some Pics

So here are just a few pics to give an idea of what's been going on lately

Bryce did really well in his car seat the other day. I wonder if this is why...hmmm

I was trying to use the very small creative part of my brain to get some fun pics of Bryce. As you can see Brielle wanted to be a "part" of it. Her "part" connected with Bryce's head.

Okay, so here's a cute picture of the two of them. Brielle had on a lolly from one of her dresses. Doesn't she kind of resemble those WWF fighters in it?

I don't know why...but I just love this picture of him

An attempt at picture of the 3 of us

His expression says it all!

Cashin' out for the night

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Lately & More Visitors!

Well, things have been going pretty good here as a family of 4. Its definitely an adjustment, but we're doing pretty good! Here's just a few pics from the last week.

Brielle continues to love on her brother. She has a "tough love" approach to him - banging him in the face, poking him in the eye, wacking him on the back...all out of love! We're working on gentle, but she doesn't quite grasp the concept...we'll keep working on it!

Brielle has had some extra daddy time with me having to tend to Bryce and she's been lovin' it! I love her expression in this picture.

A picture of our little man

Eric, Kim, Grant, and Brooke came out for a few days to meet their newest nephew and cousin and to hang out for a while. We had such a great time hanging out, going to the park, and heading to Canoe Creek. I didn't take a ton of pictures (4 kids under one roof will be to blame for our lack of pics!) but these are what I have

Bryce and Aunt Kim

The guys played a lot of baseball while they were here

So many pics of our little guy sleeping!

Brookie & Grant getting practice holding a little one. They look like pros and will be ready to hold their brother or sister in December!

(Note: This is Brookey's new way to'll see the same expression in a later picture. Can't wait for the annual Grotenhuis pic this summer with this expression! :)

Grant really had the hang of it...he's totally ready!

Our 2 little peas in a pod (note Brookey's smile...cracks me up!) We got the girls dressed for bed the first night and this is what they both came out in...totally not planned!

Thank you guys so much for coming out...we had such a great time and really appreciate you making the trek out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Past Week

Chad's parents and sister came into town last week to lend some extra hands in helping with Brielle and Bryce...not to mention help with cooking and cleaning! We had such a great time with them's a few pics highlighting the week.

We made a trip to Canoe Creek State Park where Brielle loved playing in the water and sand and Bryce just enjoyed napping.

Is this not the life?

I just love this pic...they look like they have the same expression

(Picture courtesy of Aunt B!)

We also enjoyed a little pool time in the backyard

Grandpa lounging with Bryce

Naturally, a trip would not be complete without ice cream. Grandpa and Grandma bought Brielle her very first cone (prior she always ate off ours!) Pretty sure there is no turning back from here on out!

More Lounging

Grandma also took Brielle out to "ride her bike" Riding bike took on a whole different meaning with Brielle. Apparently "riding bike" is...

...pushing it from behind

...or having Grandma pull while Brielle pushes...

...oh wait - she might actually be riding her bike!

...nope...Grandma still pulling!

Gotta love this sweet little face...

...and this one too!

We also went to the high school track and football field one night to let out some energy.

Brielle challenged Chad and Aunt B to a race. Here they are at the starting line...

...And here they are turning the corner to the finish line. As you can see Chad is nowhere to be seen.

Cozying up to Aunt B

A glimpse at what her teenage years are going to be like!

Thanks so much Mom and Dad and Beef - we had such a great time with you and LOVED having the extra hands to help out!