Friday, October 22, 2010

JB Tree Farm

Chad's Mom was in town last week for a couple days and the weather was great so we ventured out to JB Tree Farm for a couple hours one afternoon to get some pumpkins and for a little fun. Here are some pics of the day (sorry...there's a lot!)

Here we are with a nice family pic...oh wait...what's Brielle doing?...does it come to anyones surprise that she's eating?

I love this picture of the two of them

Checking out the reindeer with mom...

...and Dad (not pictured: the reindeer)

We told Brielle to go pick out a pumpkin...her method involved sitting on each one before making a decision.

Yes people...that is in fact hair you see above her head!

Running through the corn maze with Grandma (and a random friend she picked up along the way)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Due to the vansectomy, I decided that it was time for me to part ways with a friend that has been by my side for over 13 years. She has been there for me through high school, brought me to prom and joined me on trips to watch football, basketball, and baseball games...she helped me through my college years wherever a road trip might have led. She brought me to my first job and survived all my job-related trips across the state (including a trip through Flint to get to Auburn Hills....hmmmm, too bad she wasn't good with directions). She even followed me out to Pennsylvania daring to brave the mountains of State College and Altoona. We have put on many miles together over the years (including a few "parking stops" along the way...enough said). But it was time to say good-bye, and so with tears in my eyes (pathetic, I know) I hand over the keys of the '94 Grand Am to 16-year old Carrie from across the street. Her behind is now going to be in the seat it took me 13 years to mold (my mold seemed to grow each year). Anyway, it is an odd feeling knowing I will never drive her again, but I can rest easy knowing I have many memories with her and that I can see her parked everyday in the driveway across the street. Good bye old friend...I will miss you (but my dad/mechanic may not!) Treat your new owner well!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh Wait!

So in my last post I said not a whole lot was going as of late, but I had completely forgotten about Chad's "vansectomy" (Chad's term for his loss of manhood due to the purchase of a mini-van)

Yep, the Carlsons are now the proud owners of a loser cruiser...and loving it!

Even Brielle is loving it. The first week we had the van, whenever we took her outside she beelined it straight to the mini van wanting to go for a ride. (What...the 94 Grand Am wasn't luxury enough!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life Lately

Not a whole lot has been going on in the Carlson household lately so I thought I would just throw in some random pictures

Brielle loves sitting at the piano and listening to Chad play (while she pounds along of course)...why she doesn't like hearing me play the Alpine Polka is beyond me
I was cutting Brielle some slices of cheese for lunch the other day...apparently my slices weren't big enough because took the whole block of cheese and ran into the living room to take a big bite out of it

Its been really rainy and dreary outside lately...and as you can tell Brielle is missing summer and the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan!