Friday, November 5, 2010

Does this Count?

Does this count as Brielle's first piggy?!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Little Ladybug

Brielle had quite the week for Halloween. Due to my poor uploading skills the events are in reverse order...sorry!

Thursday night was our neighboorhood Trick-or-Treating, so my parents and I took Brielle around the neighborhood to say hello and collect some goodies.

Here are some of the neighborhood kids that stopped by to say hi to Brielle. Brielle absolutely LOVES these kids...even though the picture doesn't show it! (Can you tell we have some Tennessee fans in our neighborhood?)

On Wednesday night the student committees of Penn State Altoona offers a trick or treat time for the city so we ventured out that way...

After staring at people for the first half of the night, Brielle finally caught on to the idea that she needed to take the candy and put it in her bag.

Does it look like she's had a little too much candy already?!

On Monday, the moms group that I'm a part of went to an elderly care facility to do some trick or treating. This one had me a little nervous because Brielle hasn't entirely warmed up to the older generation yet. But with that being said...she really did great. She just followed the older kids and did what they did...of course being offered candy and teddy grahams probably tipped the scales for her to start liking them!

I LOVE little kids in costumes!