Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend Happenings

It was Eastern's homecoming this past weekend so to start the festivities off they had a 2.5K run.  Chad mentioned running in it and I thought "a little over a mile and half...not a prob...I can totally do that"  Well needless to say it was an eye opener as to how out of shape this momma's body is (of course I have to mention that the pace seemed to increase more and more every time Chad waved at another faculty member or said "hey" to one of his students that were along the running route...and he knew a lot of people!)  The kids loved riding in the burley while we ran...I wanted to shove them over so I could cram myself in, but alas I thought that might embarass Chad with his students :)

After the run we found our seats for the homecoming parade.  We had to wait a little bit because we were at the end so it was a good thing we were by the park so we could play for awhile.  
 One might ask "Are those pajamas he is wearing?"  The answer would be yes...yes they are...we are not ashamed (he may or may not have even worn them to the afternoon football game too)
 The best part of parades...collecting the candy!  Despite being at the end of the parade there was still a lot of candy throwing.  Brielle is like no other child when it comes to collecting candy from the parade.  Normally I would expect kids to flock to the candy and cram as many pieces as they possibly can into their hands and shirt and hey even their pants...possibly even boxing out a few kids while collecting. But no...not Brielle...a wad of candy would be thrown in her direction with so many wonderful pieces to be collected and she would go pick up one solitary piece and come back and put it in her bag.  We would then have to urge her (maybe even push her) to get more...I love those flavored Tootsie Rolls!)  So needless to say when Bryce realized her lack of interest in collecting all those wonderful pieces he thought he better get in on the action so he could have some stuff to chew on when he got home.

 We then went to the football game in the afternoon.  Here is Brielle all Polka-Dotted up for the game!  (Looking at this pic you might have thought it was going to be cold for the was in the 70's...she just wanted to wear her hat and gloves.  She is one silly girl.  We had a great homecoming weekend and when we got home from the game we had 2 kiddos nap at the same time...woot woot!

Monday, October 15, 2012

This is Proof...

...that Moms never get any privacy!

I am sure every Mom in the world can relate. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can You Tell?

Can you tell that Bryce has an older sister to play with (as well as an older sister making ALL the decisions of what they play?)  Poor of these times you'll be able to choose what you want to do buddy!

Baking Time!

Tea Time!
 Ballerina Dancing! (He wanted the blue tutu...not the pink one!) :)