Sunday, June 3, 2012

Michigan! and other PA Happenings this is an extremely long post due to my lack of updating bear with me here.

Here are pics from our trip to Michigan (oh...only about a month ago already...bad I know!)  We took in the tulip time festivities this year and here is the gang at the parade.  Unfortunately this is all the festivities I took pics of.  We didn't even put our kids in costumes...sad I know...I don't know how we can live with our "dutchselves" by not dressing our kids up for Tulip Time.

One evening was spent at Gpa and Gma Grotenhuis hanging out with the cousins too.

The kids love this jeep (well...almost all the kids...I'll let you decide which child is pretty terrified of it...don't let the picture fool was taken before Brookie put it into motion) Bryce has no fear at all - he already had the knack of standing and holding onto the roll bar.

A little tennis was played...with proper attire of course. that a Tad Davis from 1966 I see in that picture?
Bryce had a hey day with Grandpa G and all his toys...from balls to mowers to jeeps...he was lovin it!

And all the kids (including the big ones!) got a fun tractor ride to complete the night.
And we actually got a family pic...hooray!
We had a great time in Michigan and will be back in just a few short weeks, but here's whats been going on in PA as well.
This has been Brielle's afternoons lately...pulling out her Dora chair to the front porch...grabbing some fruit snacks and an iced cold one (fruit box that is) and sitting out on the front porch to do some people watchin'.  Oh, the elderly men who pull out their folding chairs and sit on the sidewalk would be so proud of this new Up and Comer!

Brielle and Lila doing a little musical number for us.
This little man has been walking for about 2 weeks now...I forgot how much I love the beginning stages of walking...its so darn cute!  (I'll try to get video...but pics take forever so it might be a little difficult!)

Last week, Brielle had her "learning at the library" end of the year picnic.  There was great food, fun
games, and crafts - she had a great time.

Thank you Miss Pam for some a fun year!  We're going to miss you next year!

Chad was so proud of his "trick photography" here.  He thought he was so awesome making it look like Bryce was holding the flag pole.  Hee Hee.

Well, thats it for now.  We are packing, packing, packing...T minus 10 days and counting until the big moving day! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Not Really Sure

how much actually ended up in his mouth!