Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Whew...its been quite crazy since we posted last so here's a little update on the lives of the Carlsons lately!

First off, this little man turned 9 months last week...9 months!! What the world?! He is our Mr. Smiley. It is so funny when we compare what he does to strangers when we're out in public and what Brielle was like. Bryce flashes a quick smile to anyone that goes by while Brielle was as stoned faced as they come (and still is really shy when people approach her) While Bryce is a quick smiler to strangers, he is starting to getting the stranger danger if any of them try to hold him. He also has this "Mommy radar" where he could be playing perfectly fine with Brielle and Chad in the living room while Im out or getting dinner ready but the first sight or sound of me he suddenly starts whining and crying and crawling to me. What? Really? Somebody please tell me my child is not the only one that does this! :) All in all, he has such a great demeanor and loves getting into everything, crawling all over Brielle, climbing up steps, into the dishwasher, hanging around the name it hes into it! He's always on the go so when he takes a quick second to lay his head on my shoulder during the course of a day it just melts my those tiny little moments!

For Chad's spring break, we took a trip back to Michigan to see family and friends. We celebrated Peyton's first birthday while we were there! And were also able to join him for a swimming class (which of course I forgot to take my camera to!)

Chad and I also took a mini trip "south" for 2 days. Now most people's idea of south might be Florida or Alabama...nope our "south" was to Charleston Illinois to do a little house hunting since we're moving this summer. It was a great little getaway for us...even though I would've totally taken a beach, an ocean, and a daquiri if it was offered! :)

One of afternoon we took Brielle to Laketown to check out the waves and just let her roam and release some energy. I totally forgot how many steps there are to get to the top...many of which were covered so high in sand that we couldn't even see them. But up we trudged to the top with Brielle on Chad's shoulders. Once we got to the top Brielle says "Whew....that hard work!" Yep totally exerted yourself on that hike up! Here's just a few pics from the afternoon

I think this might have been the only picture I took of any of the grandparents with the grandkids...horrible I know! But its a cute one none the less!

And here's just a few more pics of the kiddos

Oh, and what is time in Michigan without some fun with the Petroeljes! (Brielle and Brook Could either be found in their ballerina attire or their Snow White and Cinderella attire whenever they were together!)

Since we've been home we have been taking full advantage of this warm weather! I cannot believe this is March!

We even decided to do our annual car wash over the weekend! Who knows...maybe with this nice weather we'll actually wash our cars twice this year!

Yes, that is the refrigerator store standing wide just have to drop everything when you have a picture worthy moment with 2 kids under the age of 3!

And right now we are in the "house selling" mode. we've cleaned the house from top to bottom and have been having showings, which is great...but I didn't realize how exhausting it is to keep a house clean when you have 2 tots whose goal for the day is to totally destroy it! I realized I don't really mind living in a little mess...its just easier! :)