Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Little Acrobat

Bryce is quite the active little thing...he always seems to be moving...or attempting to move around as much as he can. We know the days of putting him in the bouncy are coming to a close because he always pulls himself up by the bar to chew the bar...
...or hang off it sideways...

...or to dangle from it trying to touch his toes to the ground.

(Don't worry...we never left the room when he was doing this...just quick ran to get the camera hoping he wouldn't fall out before we got the shot! :))

And we can officially say we have a sitter! I must say it brings a little more independence to my life as he can sit and entertain himself for small periods of time. But I also know this small period of independence will soon be replaced by no independence at all when he discovers crawling and I have to chase him around the entire house!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Odds and Ends

We've got a little Clark Grizwold going on at our house! We thought we better start small...but Chad is itchin' to put up more!

Last week Friday, Chad took Brielle to a semi-final football high school game in the bitter cold. This girl loves football...Chad said she was cheering, clapping, yelling...having a great time. And when Chad tried to leave to walk back...she flat out refused to leave until the game was over...oh how this was music to her dads ears!

Our little teddy bear!

Heres a little video of Brielle and Bryce playing in his crib. Oh how I could've watched them playing forever. I know there will be lots of fighting, but to see this interaction between the two of them makes me so hopeful that they're going to be good buds!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its Beginning to Feel A Lot Lke Christmas

We are getting in the holiday spirit over here and were really excited to set up the Christmas tree this year because we thought Brielle would have a great time putting the lights on and hanging the ornaments and all that fun stuff. She did have fun...for about 2 seconds. The pictures below pretty much capture her contribution to the Christmas or two ornaments...and then off to do other things. Oh was still fun watching her get excited about the whole thing.

Bryce took quite an interest in "helping" with hanging the lights this year

And just a few other pics of our little guy

Poor kid...gets forced to wear things that he can't say no to.