Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Fall Pics

We had to take advantage of one more day of beautiful weather and leaf piles so here are just a few more outdoor pics of the kiddos.

Bryce was great for the photo op...Brielle not really interested (as you can tell)

This little guy turned 5 months old yesterday. 5 months!! Where does the time go? He loves to watch Brielle and smiles anytime she comes around and Brielle is so, so good with him...I can't even believe it. He's been rolling over both ways for about 2 weeks and has really gotten the hang of moving around. He loves to be where we are...does not like to be left alone in a room and makes it very obvious that he disapproves. Hes found his voice and what used to be an adorable cooing, blabbing has now turned into a high pitched woman screeching sound (kind of reminds me of my dad talking when he gets in front of large crowds...that high!) His sleeping habits could use some improvement as he's only given us a handful of full nights sleep, but we'll get there...I just need to remind myself that its extra cuddle time with my little guy (even though in the wee hours of the morning...that really isn't my frame of my mind!) He is so loveable and brings so much joy to our house.

This is a pic of our little ballerina...bed head and all! I found this little get up at Goodwill and it is so funny watching Brielle just prance around the house dancing and twirling. I attached a video at the bottom to give you a little idea of what her "prancing and twirling" really looks like.

We needed to get some raking done, so this was our solution for Bryce. He loved it...giggled all the time.

And our little girl taking advantage of our last leaf pile of the year.

I just had to join in on the fun

Here's the pic of Brielle dancing...sorry its sideways...silly me turned the camera the wrong way when I was videotaping! Sorry!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Latest

Not much going on over here in the Carlson household lately

Our little man tried rice cereal for the first time last week and loved it...and caught on really well for it being his first time.

And of course since Bryce was trying something new...Brielle felt she had to get in on it and be fed rice cereal too. Crazy girl
Brielle is taking after her father in yet another trait...puzzles. She LOVES them. Every night before she goes to bed we sit down and do all sorts of puzzles with her. She is getting so good at being able to put them together by herself.

We can count on every night being a bath night for our kids. Brielle and Bryce both love taking baths, so a big chunk of our night is spent together in the bathroom (exciting I know...we lead such wild and crazy lives!)

Brielle has been good at sharing her bathtub with Bryce. She wants to help with bathing him, so she thinks its okay to dump a big cupful of water on his head like we do to her. So far...she's been unsuccessful...but one of these days I think her persistence will most likely pay off.

Its that time of year again with raking and blowing leaves. But this year we were really excited about it because we knew Brielle would love jumping and playing in them. Chad is in the picture below...Brielle, Hunter, and Bryce are just helping to bury him. Just another reason to love fall!

Great Grandma Lohman bought Brielle a set of roller skates so we thought we'd try them out one day. Well it looks like she takes after her mother when it comes to being on wheels...unsteady, slow, and terrible. (Poor girl, I better prepare her for the fact that shes going to finish dead last in all the roller skating races she participates in during elementary school and will most likely hit a pothole, tear up her knee and chin and chip her tooth if she tries roller blading! Where were my Dora knee and elbow pads when I needed them?!)

Bryce has such a quick, easy smile...just love it! He looks like such a little man in his flannel!

And I just had to post this pic of him sleeping. I thought it was so sweet that he has his arm wrapped around his little monkey blankey and him sucking on his hand. Even though the day might have been long...when you walk in and see this it just makes you forget it all and love them all the more!

And this is a video of Bryce giggling...oh he had so much fun playing in the leaves!