Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged

So...thanks in part to Zoetie, it appears Kathi has been tagged to list 5 random things about herself. Here goes...

1 - Since my parents never got me the cocker spaniel I always dreamed of having, I took matters into my own hands and found a pet. His name was Perky...and he was a bird...a dead bird...whose eyes would pop open whenever you squeezed his neck. Perky was a part of the family for 3 days until my parents found out about him (smelled him) and made me give him a proper burial. Best friend I ever had.

2 - Since my 16th birthday in 1997, I have had 9 jobs, 3 boyfriends, 7 different residences, 15 different hairstyles (and 1 perm!), 4 surgeries, 3 trips abroad, 5 bridesmaid dresses, 3 formal dresses in college, 2 prom dresses, and only 1 car. That's right, the white 1994 Grand Am is still alive and (barely) kicking.

3 - Sometimes my toes turn purple (more often than not actually). Weird.

4 - Hi my name is Kathi. And I am addicted to...cutting coupons. It all started at Giant Foodstores in PA where they double all coupons up to a dollar. One time I paid $ .64 on a bill that should have been $ 18.73. Another time I paid $ 18.15 on a bill that should have been $ 86.29. I'm not sorry for my actions or the people I've hurt in the process. I can't help it...its who I am.

5 - Most of you would think I always walked the straight and narrow, but one day I did not. In the middle of winter of my 1st grade year I got kicked out of gym class. Mrs. VanderKolk was at wits end with our class and warned that the next person to say a word was "outta of there." However I missed that ultimatum while I was trying to tell the person in front of me in line that he needed to move up...he was crowding my space. Mrs. VanderKolk pointed me towards the door where I sat by the drinking fountain in the hallway wallowing in self pity until the 6th graders came walking down the hallway. I couldn't be seen, so I jetted towards the bathroom for what I thought was a few seconds while the older kids passed. 35 minutes later, the search party was successful in finding me . Needless to say, Mrs. VanderKolk learned her lesson to never kick me out of class again.

How could you kick that little face out of gym class? :)

Alrighty, that's all I got. I tag Corrie, Luke, and Grant.