Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hey Great Grandma!

Hey Great Grandma Lohman...somebody REALLY likes your strawberry jam!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fall Fun

Tis the season for raking leaves!  The kids loved helping with raking leaves this year.  However, what kid would choose to rake leaves...

...when they could blow them!  (All raking has thus ended for these Carlson kids! :))

 We had so much fun playing in the leaf piles.  Moving here we thought we wouldn't have nearly as many leaves as we did in Altoona.  Boy were we wrong!  Pretty sure we had more!

P.S. Thanks Susanne for helping me solve my pictue issue!

Random Question my attempt to upload more photos to our appears we have used our allotted 1 GB of photo storage.  Being of the "very Dutch (and cheap!)" descent I would rather not pay a monthly fee to add more storage.  Has anybody else who has a blog run into this problem?  And if so, is there any way to get more without paying anything?  Until then...sorry we can't upload any photos!