Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shower Time

So in order for me to get a shower in the morning I strap Brielle into her bouncy seat and let her play away. I knew this couldn't last forever and today became the last day that I could do it because when I peeked out of the shower to make sure she was okay this is what I saw...

She pulled herself up by the toy bar and proceeded to wedge her head under the toy bar so she could be in a sitting position. What a stinker.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

6 Months Old!

Our baby girl is 6 months old today. Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween, Fall, & a 2 Pound Burger?

Well... a lot has gone on in the last couple of weeks.

Halloween was definitely a highlight for us and our little penguin! Brielle wasn't crazy about the hat, but once we handed out the candy she didn't care she just loved watching everyone get candy. And a lot of people loved seeing Brielle all dressed up. The most popular comment we received was, " Ahh, he's such a cute little penguin."

I guess thats what you get when you have a gender-neutral costume and a daughter that looks like her daddy!

Fall is obviously upon us. And as first time homeowners, with fall, comes raking leaves. This past Saturday morning while Brielle took a nice little nap we spent our entire peaceful morning raking leaves. As you can see this is Chad in the middle of our leaves pile. Yes, the leaves are up to the knees of this 6'2 man.

And of course while we are loading up leaves, the wind picks up and we are back to square one of raking. Ah yes - we know what we're going to be doing this coming weekend!

After our Saturday afternoon of raking, we spent the rest of the day with friends going to Starr Hill Winery and on to Denny's Burger Joint...home of the 2 lb burger.

Meet the contestants of the 2 lb burger challenge. From left to right: Jordan - the Marine, Dave - the lawyer to be, JT - the Contractor, and Chad - the Professor.

The rules of the contest were: you had to eat the ENTIRE 2 lb burger (actually 5 1/2 pounds after adding condiments and buns), you could not use any utensils, you could only remove one condiment (lettuce, tomato, mayo, relish, onion, ketchup, pickles), and you had to eat it within an hour.

So do you think anyone was victorious? Lets just put it this way...

* one of the challengers threw up outside the restaurant after getting 1/2 a bun away from being victorious

* another had to leave before the hour was up so didn't have a chance to really be in the competition (even though he hated the taste of the I don't think he would have been a winner)

* the burger just got the best of the third contestant. It really bothered him for a while having this little 2 lb burger get the best of him, but as the night went on he realized that this burger has gotten the best of most people and really came to accept it.

* and finally, the fourth was too busy watching the Penn State football game to really even realize he was eating a gigantuan burger.

Can you tell which one was Chad?

Brielle was really hoping to get in on the competition as well...but couldn't quite get her mouth around the burger.
And other fall pic of our little girl.