Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Activities

This post is a little late in the ball game, but I thought I should post some pics of the kiddos at our churches "trunk or treat" event as well as our pumpkin carving night.

Our two little kiddos.  This look of confusion on Bryces face pretty much stayed the entire night.  He couldn't quite grasp the concept that by getting dressed up in his cute lions costume he would be freely given candy...without Mom saying no.
Brielle and her sweet Sunday school teacher Miss Tara.
Bryce...still confused.
Bryce would go up to the people giving out candy and extend his arm and would just freeze.  He would simply stare and not move...even after getting his piece of candy...he would still stay frozen with his arm extended.   We had to physically remove him from the scene...otherwise he might still be there staring and standing.
The night before Hallowee we did a little pumpkin carving.
 Grandma Carlson was on hand to be able to participate in the festivities

Unfortunately I didnt' get any of the after shots once the pumpkins were complete, but the kids had a great time.